Firstly may I thank you for all your likes and comments. Every time my phone gives its little pling which is the WordPress sound it is a reminder that keeps me on track, that reminds me there are real people out there who are watching what I’m doing and rooting for me. Thank you. Please keep your encouragement and support going.

On Monday I’m performing a couple of comedy sketches with a friend at a charity event in a local shul (synagogue). She is a very funny person who produces cartoons for greetings cards, internet and print publication amongst her other talents (mother and teacher to name but two), so I’m hoping that we’ll get some laughs. We were rehearsing this morning and the time rolled around for my Pilates class. I very nearly decided at the last minute that we needed to rehearse more and that I should skip Pilates.

But I didn’t. Hurrah!

And I’m so glad I didn’t because every week I can feel myself getting stronger. When it comes to plank time it can get rather competitive as to who lasts the longest and I think I did today. Again, hurrah! It’s all very friendly competition but it is definitely there! Instead of doing the easier versions I’m doing the, “if you want to challenge yourself a bit more” versions, and even wanting them a bit harder even.

Breakfast – Porridge with peanut butter, raisins and cinnamon (the temperature dropped a bit today so Porridge is back on the menu. Can I actually say hurrah again? Word of the day?)

1 hour Pilates

Lunch in the garden – turkey, mayo, pickle sandwich. Berry nakd bar

Snack – cream crackers and snackers
Supper – deconstructed burger (ok it fell apart in the frying pan – oops!) – mince, onion, courgette, ketchup, salad seasoning, so good.

Total food 1368kcal, exercise 217kcal

Weigh 13st2lbs (-1lb) Hurrah!!! 😀