On Friday I wrote my plan for Shabbos and said, 

I’m going to be realistic and know that I will eat some marshmallows when I give them to the children for Shabbos party. I allow myself 4. But no more and no other nosh.

Well obviously I had more. Plus chocolate peanuts. Plus did eat the challah that the family were all raving about (and it was goooood).

My weight this morning (Sunday) was 13st4lb, up another pound from Friday. Up two from Wednesday. 

Maybe because of my plan I did eat less of all the other things, but as always it is a case of when things are in the house, I will eat them. And it isn’t the meals that are the problem, the in betweens. Half of solving a problem is recognising you have a problem. 

Now I need to work out a way to solve the other half.