Today was a really hectic busy day. I thought I’d eaten worse than I actually did. Frustratingly the scales showed 13st4lbs, +1lbs again. It is far too easy to gain weight and far too difficult to lose it. I feel like stamping my foot and shouting, “It’s not fair!!!” Not that it helps at all, although perhaps stamping my foot burns some calories?

The day started at 3am when H woke up repeatedly having had bad dreams. He ended up in our room by 3.30am. Later, maybe 6ish? I got up, cleared up the kitchen from Shabbos. This was interrupted by an unpleasant incident involving felt tips, walls and beds. Nuff said? I was so furious with them and really wanted to eat rubbish.  Many thanks to A and E who I texted instead of eating chocolate. Instead I had eggs, avocado and a vanilla yogurt.

Still feeling cross I took R to school. I took my frustration out on the garden when I got back and mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedge. Hedge trimmers are lots of fun and as a bonus my garden is looking far neater.

In the afternoon was the school’s annual fun day. I’d wanted to take sandwiches to eat in a nearby park in between school finishing and the fun day starting but there wasn’t time to get them ready, so instead I brought R home where we all had a quick lunch, then back to school again. For lunch I had a salad of Shabbos leftovers, spinach, beetroot, orange, chicken.

At the fun day I volunteered to be on a stall and so was heavily involved in the important task of “Hook a duck”. The instructions I was given included, “Last year this was the least popular stall so try and see what you can do.” Bear in mind other stalls included bouncy castles, water zorbing, bumper cars, candy floss and more. I took the challenge and I’m proud to say there were even queues at some points, along with repeat customers. (The trick was in promising a prize for the best score in the day! Older primary school children can be  competitive!!) 

I had a very small taste of some candy floss but that’s it. 

On the way home we stopped into a shop to buy hot dogs for supper and I made the mistake as a hungry tired lady of buying those delicious cinnamon rice cakes. By the time the children had their supper I’d eaten the entire bag.

I then ate a few hot dogs (1 beef Vienna and 3 Turkey Viennas). For m actual supper I put together a sandwich with hummus and sliced turkey. 

After eating I had a rehearsal with my ground that I’m doing comedy sketches with on Monday evening.

Just shattered.

Total food somewhere around 1800kcal.