I didn’t want to step on the scales this morning. I couldn’t bear to see them go up again. Why is it so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it? Why? why? why?

Porridge for breakfast

Prunes pre gym

30 mins on treadmill, 5 mins walk, 3 mins run, 1.5 run/walks up to 25 mins.

Lunch I went out with a friend to Cafe Arome, which although the only local milky restaurant stove Orli closed down, I’d not been to. I deliberated between 1) a salad with leafy stuff, quinoa, fried onion, halloumi and walnuts, 2) a beetroot orange and goats cheese salad and 3) what I chose which was a salmon red curry with rice.

I decided that #1 sounded delicious and healthy but actually wasn’t so healthy, #2 was what I make at home and so #3 was it!

This evening I was in a show doing a couple of comedy sketches. I’m writing this afterwards and if I say so myself, they went down really well and the audience really laughed hard. What a great relief and a joy to make people laugh. So much in laugh is so serious, it is really important to just have a laugh on a regular basis. 

Before I went I had an omelette and toast. I had a few prunes earlier in the day also, and a banana and maximum 3 cinnamon rice cakes.

Because of lunch I’m not sure how many calories I had today. Excluding lunch it was 797kcal and 240kcal exercise.