Today M and H had sports day so I didn’t get to the gym.  Food was really well on track though. Morrison’s currently have whole salmon (cut up) for £8/kg which I discovered on my way home. I will be eating a lot of salmon this week!

Another exciting discovery in Morrison’s was I had a browse through their clothes. I picked up one t shirt and decided to risk trying on a size 18 over the t shirt I was wearing. It fit easily! And I didn’t buy it because I didn’t love it, not because it didn’t fit.

I then saw a skirt which I couldn’t try on in the middle of the shop and they didn’t have it in 18 only 16. It had a stretchy waistband and was very loose all the way down, and I thought, “I’ll get it and if it doesn’t fit either I can return it, or it will be motivation to lose more weight.”. I just tried it on at home and it fits!!! Not, it is a bit tight, it actually fits. Now it is a very flowey skirt, and elasticated, but it is a size 16 nevertheless!

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk

Lunch – salmon, courgette and carrot strips. Peanuts.

Snack – Clementine, 50g pasta

Supper – salmon and corn (spinach in photo was way too salty).

Total food 1065kcal no exercise

Weight 13st4lbs (-+)