I’m getting confused with my numbers. I realised that I went from day 340 to day 241. So I cut off 100 days somewhere. So is today actually day 373? I’m so confused.

Right, I have gone all the way back, and day 1 was on 29th June 2016. That makes tomorrow a year. How that can also be day 374? Something went wrong somewhere. 

But my goodness. A whole year of logging my food nearly every day. Wow. That is an achievement in and of itself. Even if I can’t count incrementally.

This evening I’d arranged to meet up with my oldest friend, who has known me since I was born (she was a mere 4 months at the time). Because I knew I was eating out later on I was very controlled all day. I also looked up the menu online to choose in advance what I’d like and the potential calories.  It was lovely to catch up with her. This is my partner in crime for the sports day disqualification story that I’ve mentioned several times. Although she had never been overweight, neither of us have ever been particularly sporty or active. She has also started exercising more regularly and she commented that our families growing up really didn’t identifying themselves as “sporty” and being clever and academic were how we defined ourselves. We are both growing up in that we are now taking responsibility for our own health and the consequences of how we treat our bodies. How very old and sensible we have become in our old age!

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk

30 mins treadmill (5 mins walking, 3 mins running, 2 mins walking, I tried to repeat this although the third and fourth times I split the running up with a short breather, still ran in total 12 minutes and walked for 18).

Lunch – Shabbos leftovers – aubergine garlic dip, chicken, sweet potato.. Alpro blueberry yoghurt, 

Snack – Clementine, box of raisins

Supper – chicken with shitake mushrooms and sesame broccoli

Obviously supper was an estimated amount but even so…

Total food 1188kcal, exercise 245kcal

Weight 13st2lbs (-2lbs)