On principle I don’t discuss the ins and outs of my children’s lives on this blog. Suffice it to say that one of them has been having a tough week at school and this morning before school was quite challenging.

As a result I knew I needed to go to the gym before even buying chicken for Shabbos, let alone cooking it. All that frustration and stress seemed less after getting moving. Also, as I watched myself in the lovely mirrors opposite the treadmills I thought to myself, “I am having to work so so hard to try and change the aspects of myself which are necessary to lose weight. Maybe the struggles they have are equally difficult for them? The only way I can have any expectation of them being willing to work so hard to succeed is if I am likewise willing to work really hard to change my nature.”

Thankfully when they came out of school they’d actually had a much better day today. That was a relief.

Day 2:Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk

Treadmill – 5 mins walk, 4 mins run, 2 mins walk, 3 mins run, 2 mins walk, 3 mins run, 2 mins walk, 1.5 run, 1.5 walk, 1 run, 5 walk. Every time, I’m traveling a little bit further. 

Lunch – salmon, pickles, corn

Snack – lemon drizzle nakd bar (be still my heart), plain yogurt with sweetener, peanuts.

2 chicken legs

Shabbos plan: chicken thigh, roasted onion, carrot, mushroom, potato.

If I have half a challah roll, my calories for the day will be 1615kcal, if I have matza my calories for the day with be 1365kcal. Exercise 250kcal. I know I should have the matza and not the challah but they do look very yummy.  Either way there is a deficit but obviously better to stay under 1400kcal. 

Weight 13st1lb (-1)

Day 3: Tomorrow’s plan (Shabbos)

Breakfast – grape juice, 2 weetabix with almond milk

Lunch – matza, salmon, pickles, chicken thigh, barley salad (pomegranate and sweetcorn), beetroot and orange salad, green salad, apple cake

Shalosh seudos- salmon, salads


Total calories already at about 1400-1500. So that’s it in black and white for me to work with.