I’m going to take this chronologically

Day 3 Shabbos recap – Friday night was as planned. Shabbos day as usual I ate more than I planned to, various nosh items that I shouldn’t have. Blah blah blah. You’ve heard it all before.

Day 4 Sunday 13st2lbs (+1lb)

My MIL had invited a collection of family for combined birthday celebrations at Hendon Park Cafe. This has the distinction of being the only kosher park cafe which makes it very child friendly and they have a good children’s menu which tends to please my kids. I tried to look at the menu online before we went and decided that a salad which was lettuce, cucumber, fried mushrooms, halloumi and walnuts was my best bet as everything else was deep fried pretty much, or bread based. I recall that I had it a long time ago in my journey.

It was the greasiest salad I have ever had. Literally dripping with oil. I ate it anyway because otherwise I’d be very hungry, but next time I’d request the dressing on the side. Or maybe have a sandwich.

My chronological order is a bit skew-wif. Breakfast was an excellent bowl of porridge. On the way to the park I dropped Lovely Husband, M and H and I went to collect R from school. Except I was really hungry by this point so I stopped along the way and bought one of these Rude health bars.

Plus some prunes. It was awesomely good, but I think I need to invest in a new food processor so I can make things like that myself. They ridiculously expensive for what you get. 

After the park I was just finished, maybe it was the grease, maybe it was the very early morning, maybe I hadn’t has enough to drink. Anyway, I actually had a lie down while LH dealt with children for a bit. When he went out, I decided that ice cream was called for and that was my supper – vanilla cheesecake ice cream leftover from Shavuos.


I was thinking today that maybe I need a different strategy for Shabbos and Sunday. Allow myself a higher calorie limit and plan in the nosh so that I don’t completely blow it and then beat myself up about it. 

Day 5 (today – Monday, 9th Tammuz) is my birthday! Happy birthday to me! 34 today! Woo woo!

But really, birthdays are not as exciting as all that. I decided I would treat myself today. That included not having birthday cake because really I don’t want any.

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon, raisins

Snack – prunes

Gym – 5 mins walk, then 3 mins run/2 mins walk X5!

Lunch – steak, cauliflower and ketchup, plus some more cauliflower. Alpro peach yogurt

Snacks – 3 snackers, 2 Clementines 

Supper – steak and broccoli and ketchup 

Total food 1220kcal, exercise 265kcal. Weight 13st 2lbs (+-)