Priorities Vs priorities, it’s a bit of a theme in my life. Probably everyone’s. What is the most important priority out of the list of very important priorities? 

As recommended by everyone, this morning I put on my exercising clothes (“Mummy, you look funny”, said one the other day, “Mummy, are you going to the gym? Why?” Says H this morning, “So I can get stronger” say I) and packed my gym bag so that I could head to the gym after school drop off. 

But in the car on the way to school, M started to complain her eye was hurting. So instead of the gym I took her to the walk in clinic. (I did try our GP but despite getting through ten minutes after all the appointments were released, they were all gone).  A stye was diagnosed and warm compresses prescribed. Dropped her back at school, but not before she had drawn thank you pictures for the receptionists, nurses, doctors and even me. She has a heart of gold that girl.

By 11 I’d delivered her back to school and my tummy was rumbling. At home I knew there were chicken breasts that needed cooking and I ate two of them with some salady stuff. Excessive chicken.

Also being to be cooked was a pack of lamb mince. This was a mistake to buy as it is so calorific, however I had bought it already on impulse and it would have been a waste to just chuck it, so meatball time!! Look at that disgusting congealed fat. How vile is that? I had 5 meatballs in the afternoon and the other 5 with my supper with courgette.

Other afternoon snack was peanuts, and a clementine.

I did however read this article about the health benefits of lamb and it isn’t all bad. But probably better to have a lamb chop than the mince.

Total food 1750kcal, no exercise

Weight 13st 2lbs (+-)