I do not hear voices. Well, not in a worrying way at least. But I do have internal conversations sometimes and especially when I’m exercising. There are parts of me that day, “You can’t do this, it’s too hard, why not just take a breather for a few minutes, YOU CAN’T DO THIS, you aren’t cut out for this, why bother?”

This was going on as I was on the treadmill today, attempting 3 minute runs, and 2 minute walks. I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t during the walking sections. But after about 90 seconds the internal negative voices started. Today I said to them, “Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!”

Lyrics from Yaakov Shwekey’s song, I Can Be were to replace the negative voices.

And this slogan:

(I’m loving my meme making app – Textgram)

After the treadmill (5w, 3r, 2w, 3r, 4w, 3r, 2w, 3r, 5w) and finishing at the gym I then went to my Pilates class where I really tried to push myself hard. Legs were definitely a bit tired after already going to the gym but “I can be stronger…” 

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and peanut butter

Treadmill as above. A couple of minutes of hula hooping (including asking someone to video to send to my two year old niece. I saw her yesterday and was trying to demonstrate with her little hoop but it was too small).

1 hour Pilates

Lunch – salad – mixed leaves, beetroot, orange, corn, feta and then some more cheese, described as “Mediterranean sheep cheese” (tasted very similar to feta to me). Plain yogurt

Snack – lemon drizzle nakd bar

Supper – chicken keema curry as inspired by this recipe obviously I lightened it up considerably, and I substituted a few spices. It was a genuinely generous portion though, an amazing way of stretching a pack of mince. This will feature again no doubt!

Post supper I made a chocolate mousse as M had requested one for her birthday party on Sunday (have I mentioned it is birthday season??) I did try and small amount but it was really just to check it was ok. I also had some barley 

Total food 1439kcal, exercise 460kcal

Weight 13st2lbs (+1lb)