Various disruptions to routine, primarily due to mothering responsibilities have continued. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my methodology. I’m finding the calorie counting quite stressful, and I just don’t need that on top of other things. I’m considering returning to my slimming world roots again, without meetings though and with more of an eye on portions. Also I’m not going to continue posting my weight daily, just weekly. This blog isn’t supposed to be a stress and an obligation, it is supposed to be a helpful tool. 

I hope tomorrow to be able to go to back to the gym but I need to give them notice to freeze my membership for August as I know I won’t get there while the kids are off.

A good night’s sleep seems elusive at the moment. Which also is a challenge.

Despite the recurring thought that, “perhaps I’m just meant to be this size”, I know rationally that should I manage to lose more weight I will feel better, be more energised and be able to wear clothes that I don’t look good in now. I also recognised that although my weight has been at this same level before, and for some time now, I am fitter than I have ever been in my adult life.

I must keep going, but I need to find a system that will move me onto the next chunk of weight loss. Something that will fit into my life but will actually show results.

Thank you to those who have contacted me having noticed I hadn’t blogged in a while. I really appreciate all your support.