I did it again! 5k in 45min55secs, I didn’t let walk be below 5(km/h?), running mostly 9, occasionally 9.3. then did cool down and stretching.

I probably could have pushed myself to run for longer at some points, but I nearly stopped at 30 minutes thinking I was too tired to keep going for the full 5km. I just kept going with short intervals of between 2-3 minutes of running, with increasingly longer walking sections!

I’m recommitted to calorie counting. My aim is to be between 1400-1600kcal per day. At my size and level of activity this should be enough to ensure a loss but also is enough calories to allow me to be full have snacks. If I keep to that level and I don’t lose weight then… Well I don’t know what! Maybe I’d need blood tests or something. Anyway, let’s see what happens. I did it today.

Total calories 1579kcal

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon and raisins

Snack after gym -raisins and peanuts (prepped before gym)

Lunch – cheese and onion omelette and carrots. (This is why slimming world doesn’t work – on SW I’d have had this same meal but with more cheese and two slices of toast, plus a piece of fruit and a yogurt, far far too many calories)

Snacks – Clementines, 60g of kids chips (YES I MEASURED MY NIBBLING) 

Supper – meatballs and carrots