The past few weeks have been very stressful in the end of term. One child was having a really rubbish last month and that was impacting on both my stress and also ability to get to the gym. I found myself slipping into terrible habits again, eating rubbish in quantities I thought I’d stopped. And honestly feeling really yucky but feeling almost powerless to do anything about it.

School finished at 1pm on Friday. Hurray! But over Shabbos I still ate in an uncontrolled and unhealthy way. But enough is enough. This cannot go on and more.

This morning the scales showed 13st6lbs. In the past year I have lost about 2 stone and hugely improved my fitness levels. That is a fantastic achievement and I refuse to let that drop. I refuse to gain back the weight I’ve lost.

In a way, having the children off school makes the eating easier because if I’m going to eat junk then they are going to have to have it too and they generally eat really healthily and I’m not going to change that. When we go out for the day, we can only eat what we bring with for kashrus reasons. Also when we are out and about I tend to do a lot more walking than usual.

My new guidelines for my eating are as follows:

  • All meals must have fruit and/or vegetables to make them filling.
  • Snacks up to maximum of 150kcal per day

These are really the crucial ingredients. If my meals are filling then I won’t be tempted to snack. Snacks are really my downfall. And I need to remember to daven for Hashem’s help. That is also get very crucial.

There are five weeks of summer holidays. If I can keep on track then I’d be willing for half a stone loss. This is totally doable and would break through this plateau that I’ve been in since January.

Here is how today went:

Breakfast – 2 weetabix with almond milk. 2 Clementines

Lunch – a hard boiled egg, tuna mayo sandwich with tomato and cucumber in it, pickles on the side, half a pomegranate.

We went to Trent Park which is a fabulous country park with woods and meadows in Enfield. If you are looking for somewhere lovely to go trail walking or running in North West London, it would be ideal. We were walking for about two, two and a half hours and I loved it. The kids climbed trees, and I found I had such better stamina to walk at a reasonable speed. At one point when little legs were tied I even carried H on my shoulders for a bit. I simply wasn’t capable of doing something like that in the past, I’d have worried about back pain. But today I just had faith in my strength that I’d be all to do it.

Snack – 10 mini rice cakes. A vanilla yoghurt

Supper – pasta, veggie chili (passata counted as a vegetable in my mind), a Clementine

After a day of eating properly and getting some activity in (and not having to deal with teachers telling me what my children had been doing wrong) I feel far more energetic and clear headed.

Oh please G-d may this feeling last and let this be the last time I restart my weight loss attempts.