Having my plan decided yesterday made all the difference today. I knew I had 400kcal or so to play with and I think I ended up eating about 1900kcal in total for the day. For a Shabbos, that really isn’t bad going.

Shabbos plan:
Friday nightchallah, chicken thigh, onion, carrot, courgette. No roast potatoes. I’m choosing challah over potatoes. ✔️

Total calories in the region of 1600kcal. Totally on plan hurray!

Breakfast – grape juice, 2 weetabix and almond milk ✔️
Lunch – challah, chicken thigh, barley pomegranate corn salad ✔️ + seconds of barley salad which also had peanuts in it, a sugar free wholemeal banana cupcake (anyone want me to post the recipe? It was very yummy), one piece of nougat
Shalosh seudos – matzah, smoked salmon,✔️ carrot + hummus, pickles, more matzah, grapes, 2 chocolate digestives

Knowing I had the choice of how to “spend” my extra calories made all the difference to my mindset. I could have extras but I couldn’t have everything and still see a lid on the scales tomorrow, which I really hope I will. Challah Vs potatoes, more chicken Vs dessert, matza Vs challah, letting myself have two digestives Vs feeling deprived and so eating four.

It’s about choice. Feeling in control of my eating. Knowing that I am the one making the choices and that if I make the right choices I am making the choice to live healthily and hopefully lose weight. These moment by moment choices are what will truly meet the difference in the long run. And hopefully in the short run too!