Could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean, so between the two of them, they licked the platter clean.

Does anyone else have this with their children? One will eat only pasta and cheese? One will eat chicken and meatballs? One will eat cheese sandwiches and pickles? Try giving them the choice of what is for lunch or supper and they will all dig their heels in and refuse to budge from their choices. So my challenge is to make meals that provide food for all three children, and also will fit into my weight loss diet, and that will fill up my husband also. Fortunately for me, Lovely Husband is very easy going in general and certainly when it comes to menu planning. In our eleven years of marriage I think there are only three occasions when he has genuinely not liked something I’ve made (Fyi Marmite is not a good substitute for soy sauce on salmon….)

With everyone home, making meals three times a day that fulfill this criteria can be tough to say the least. Today I realised that giving them choices is not helpful and if I just put the food in front of them, then they’ll eat the bits they like and maybe try the bits they don’t and maybe they won’t, but there will be less grumbling.

Lunch was toast with margarine (not for me) , scrambled eggs (H didn’t touch them), onions and mushrooms sauteed in butter (for the grownups), tomatoes (LH, R&M).

Supper was burgers (homemade meat for LH, M and I, veggie tival for R&H), spaghetti (all), cabbage (LH, R and I), tomato (M), cucumber (H).

Phew! Everyone fed! I think all my children are having growth spurts though because the quantities seem to be increasing exponentially each day and none of them are overweight in the slightest!

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, cinnamon and raisins. 2 Clementines

Snack – plain yogurt with sweetener

Lunch – scrambled egg with onion and mushrooms sauteed in butter, mozzarella cheese. Everyone else had toast with it (children didn’t have mushrooms)

Snack – 2 crackers

Supper – burger, spaghetti and cabbage.

Total calories 1081kcal