Eating out is about not having to cook the food myself, not having to wash up, (in today’s care, not paying for it). The social interactions with those you are eating out would be the focus. It doesn’t have to be about eating fattening and sugary things. Today I was very much treated without a really healthy option at Cafe Arome, where my MIL took us for lunch.

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, a plum cooked in with the Porridge, raisins, cinnamon – try this combo now! It’s like eating a crumble for breakfast!!! But healthy! Yey!

Lunch – the Arome salad,

I declined the bread and it was really yummyb and hugely filling. Highly recommended.

This is the dessert I didn’t have:

I did try a very small piece of the fried pineapple, banana and waffle with cream, but hardly any and I think I’d honestly have found it too rich. Those who actually ordered it didn’t have any such trouble it appeared.

Afterwards we attempted to fly a kite in outside the least windy day ever. Don’t say we didn’t try! But I did run about a bit before I called it a day. It’s strange to say but I’m missing running. Only a few more weeks of the holidays, which although I’m getting out more I’m not getting my heart rate up in the same way. Then I can hopefully get back to the gym.

I just came across this really useful link for marked and measured routes around Barnet. There are routes that have been measured around all the parks for walking/cycling/running. I thought I’d share it.

Supper – rice with chilli son carne (recipe to follow)

I’m not sure how many calories lunch was although it was definitely pretty low as it was all veg and a smallish portion of salmon, a few new potatoes and dressing on the side. The rest of the day was about 750kcal.

As I near bedtime I’m definitely hungry but I’m not going to eat something now. I want hungry earlier, better to go to sleep and then it will be breakfast time again soon!