On Sunday, (amongst other things) I mowed the lawn and tidied up the garden. It looked like this:

I was speaking to someone about the garden and they didn’t realise I’d mowed the lawn and commented that it needed mowing!

I took that as a challenge, adjusted the lawnmower settings and yesterday mowed again! My goodness! I got it so much shorter so that I even had to empty it half way through.

I didn’t take offence, and in fact thought it was an important life lesson.

Sometimes what you think is your best isn’t. Change things a little and you can make your best better.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk. A hard boiled egg while making packed lunch and a carrot

We had hoped to go out today but with one thing and another we were still home at lunchtime so had our picnic lunch at home.

Lunch -egg mayo and tomato sandwich. Carrots

Snack -peanut nakd bar

Supper – salmon, pasta and courgette. Then a bit more pasta

Total 1483kcal