Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, nectarine, raisins, Cinnamon

Lunch – 2 slices granary toast with baked beans, a fried egg, cottage cheese and pickles. Mango.

Snack – a few chips, a vanilla cream yogurt,

Supper – meatballs (+2 more) and fried onions. Obviously anything fried is in spray oil.

Ellul thoughts: it is the month before Rosh Hashona, the Jewish New Year. It is supposed to be a time of teshuva (repentance) of trying to put our best foot forward as we go into the New Year, which is time of judgement for the upcoming year.

Vague thoughts are floating round my head as to how I can make my eating more spiritual and connected to Hashem (G-d). What if I were to really try and focus for just the first bite on the fact that Hashem prepared this piece of food specifically for me to eat?

My lovely sister sent me a very supportive message earlier today after reading yesterday’s slightly down post. Aside from her general support which I very much appreciate, one thing in particular I think would be a very helpful strategy to try and employ, “Before every single bite (including on shabbat) ask yourself – what do I want more? To eat this or to break that barrier on the scales? Then put whatever it is down again and be pleased with yourself. YOU CAN DO IT.” What a very wise and wonderful big sister she is.

On reflection, I think the two strategies are both a case of being more mindful (which is a real buzz word at the moment, so I’ve noticed). Mindful eating thinking about what I am consuming, its origin and the consequences – either good or not so – is perhaps something I can try and work on this Ellul.