Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, 2 plums (which were very tart), 2 prunes and cinnamon

Snack – tiny amount of biscuit dough making with the kids, peanut nakd bar. 30 pistachios, on number 22 pistachio I remembered I was supposed to be being more aware and really tried to focus on the lovely saltiness, and the wonder of its protective shell which protects it when growing but then when cooking pops open to make it easier to eat.

Lunch – tuna pickle sandwich. Mindful of how nice it was sitting in the sunny park with my lovely children.

Exercise – we spent about 4 hours in Golders Hill Park today and did lots of walking back and forward including some hills in the “woods” as my kids call it. Since I was also carrying the rucksack with everyone’s water in it too, I found myself flagging in parts although that wasn’t really an option and I had to just keep going to keep up with them all.

Snack – here I did very well. The kids had all had nakd bars as afternoon snacks, I didn’t have anything at that point. But then as the afternoon wore on I was peckish and considered having one myself. But then I spotted 2 clementines in the bag and ate them instead. Far less calories (145 compared to 40) and far more filling.

Supper – pita with turkey viennas, ketchup, pickles, corn, and one small biscuit as made earlier. We all sat down as a family which I took the time to think and appreciate.

At the park today I saw a little girl who was in theory being looked after by an au pair but frankly was being allowed to run wild and was being ignored. I was not the only adult there to notice. When the au pair was told about this child’s behaviour they were completely not bothered. I’m sure there are always ways to judge favourably but in this case I felt really sorry for the little girl. It made me appreciate all the more so that I was the adult with my children. Even though it is hard at times, I am grateful that my children aren’t being “looked after” by someone who simply couldn’t care less.

Calories a bit guessed with quantities but I reckon around 1400kcal and I’m happy with that.

I’m pleased with how I’ve done today.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, Shabbos prep, children’s swimming lessons, plus some other errands to do. I hope I’ll get an early night tonight because as I was discussing with a random lady in the park today, sleep is the most important factor in making healthy choices.