To lose one pound.

Weight this morning, 13st 0lbs, total weight loss 28.5lbs / 2 stone 1/2lb. Bmi 35.5.

Friday 25/8/17

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk, cinnamon, nectarine, raisins

“Snack” a taste of challah dough

Lunch – turkey slices, hummus and pickle sandwich. Pistachios

Snack – a few spoons of couscous, barley. 2 tea biscuits

Calories under 1700 approx

Shabbos Friday night

Matza, chicken thigh and leg, onions, carrots, mushrooms. No challah. A small spoon of couscous.

Shabbos day (26/8/17)

Breakfast – grape juice, 2 weetabix with almond milk, one small wafer eaten posting attention to the crunchy texture.

Lunch – matza, a small piece of challah, chicken breast cooked in diet Coke, barley salad (my new favourite food – barley, corn, pomegranate, roasted sweet potato), beetroot mango pistachios salad, a small piece of beef from cholent just to remind myself that I wasn’t missing out by but having a full portion – urgh can’t attend the stuff but the rest of the family like it), a few (more than I should’ve) biscuits I made with the children but they were very small.

Shalosh seudos – matza, challah, salmon, pickles

I knew that if I ate too much on Shabbos I wouldn’t have had a loss to report today, which I did. My sister’s words were ringing in my ears.

“Before every single bite (including on shabbat) ask yourself – what do I want more? To eat this or to break that barrier on the scales? Then put whatever it is down again and be pleased with yourself.”

I was picturing the scales I’d seen on Friday morning at 13st0lbs and I knew that if I went overboard yesterday then I’d not have a loss to report today. I’m so close to breaking through to the 12st somethings.