When I don’t need to do anything other than be with the children, we have a great time. We have fun times out, I can feed them very simple food and there isn’t anywhere we have to be at any given time. We can just enjoy what we’re doing and I can be fairly chilled out. But when there are things that need to get done, it is a different matter. Usually on an Erev Shabbos I have a minimum of four hours while the children are at school (three once I factor in travelling). What needs to get done gets done. To get the same done while they are home, have swimming lessons in the morning and then expect lunch, want to “help” or not as the case may be is another matter. My kitchen isn’t really big enough to have more than one person actually cooking at once so if I want to involve them in the cooking (like the voice in my head says every good mother should) then it requires preparation and thoroughly slows things down and stresses me out. Breakfast – porridge with almond milk, Cinnamon, raisins, apple Pistachios Lunch – pitta, ketchup, veggie nuggets, pickles, avocado. 3 small biscuits Snacks – 2 biscuits, plain yogurt with sweetener, peanut nakd bar, chocolate chips Plan for Shabbos – matza, chicken thigh and leg, no potatoes, yes to confection squash and courgette (from the farm), Tomorrow Breakfast – grape juice, weetabix and almond milk Lunch – matza, chicken thigh, beetroot and orange, chicken cholent SS – matza, salmon, pickles I’m sure there’ll be more but I’m running out of time. Good Shabbos