I really want to have good news to share tomorrow morning when I do my weigh in and I had that in mind last night and today.

Last night I did have a few potatoes but I only had a chicken thigh not the leg also, and the tiniest bit of challah (which was very beery, I think it rose too long).

Today I couldn’t have weetabix as they had all mysteriously disappeared so I had fruit n fibre instead plus 2 clementines for breakfast. I have the children the horrid parev ice cream that they like and I think is vile, so that was no temptation.

Extra snacks – 2 small biscuits, a banana, a yogurt, a strawberry quark. That may have been it in addition to my plan from yesterday.

A strange observation I made today is I seem have stopped liking bananas. When I did Slimming World I used to live on the things. Since starting calorie counting I’ve cut down enormously and recently when I’ve had one, ice find they just taste too banana-ey. Has anyone else experienced this changing taste buds thing, where previously loved foods, even healthy ones, just don’t do it for you any more?

I really hope I’ve got a good loss to share tomorrow. Night night, good voch.