The fast yesterday meant that the damage I did earlier in the week is disguised on the scales so maintained my weight at 13st.

I should try for a fresh start. Yom Kippur wipes the slate clean.

I had a thought which quite ironically was inspired by caramel. Stay with me here!

Earlier in the week I saw an advert for chocolate and couldn’t get the idea of some sort of caramel chocolate out of my head e.g. Mars, twix, snickers. For years I’ve wanted to make millionaire’s shortbread but was put off by making the caramel. And then the other day I read a few online recipes, didn’t have everything needed and was so obsessed with the thought of caramel that I decided I’d just try the method described by one of them with what I had (which were not the ingredient list she suggested).

I am not sharing the recipe with you lovely people because I care too much for you.

To say it was a success was understatement of the year.

This was perhaps the most delicious food i have ever made. Healthy? Oh no no no!

But as I was munching on it after breaking my fast last night, I got thinking that maybe that’s exactly the point. Sometimes we think that to get something right it has to be really really complicated. But to be truthful, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle it’s actually very simple. Eat the right things, don’t eat too much of the wrong things, move your body, repeat. Don’t think too hard about it, don’t stress yourself out if you can’t be perfect, and do what you can do.

But don’t try and make caramel. It is just too delicious. And easy.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum. Vanilla Greek yoghurt that have gone off, strawberry Greek yogurt instead

Snack – half to two thirds of a pain au chocolate, a few grapes

Lunch – turkey and pickles sandwich

Snack – stewed plums

Supper – stir fry coleslaw mix and chicken

Calories around 1400!

I’m actually still a bit peckish after supper. 8 dried apricots. Yum. They hit the spot. Not quite like caramel biscuits, but in a good different way.

Total calories approx 1550kcal.