I was a little scared stepping back on the scales this morning. I told myself that if it said 13st7lbs (which would have been half a stone on) then that would be totally understandable and actually getting away mildly considering.

So just a 1lb gain this week, 13Shiva was such relief. That means over the whole Yom tov period of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkos I only gained 5lbs. I consist that rather good really.

To add into the mix, my last remaining Grandparent, my Mum’s Mum passed away last motzei Shabbos/Sunday morning, the levayo (funeral) wasn’t until Tuesday and because on Yom tov, Shiva was delayed and only starts this week.

Today we got the sukkah down and decluttered the shed before putting the sukkah away and also in preparation for our upcoming house move, whenever that will be, hopefully soon.

So, there’s been lots going on, and there will continue to be lots going on.

However, here are some things that my yetzer tov are telling me I aught to do, even if there’s a much louder voice arguing in favour of continuing the path of least resistance:

  • I need the weight to not continue this upward trend,
  • I need to unfreeze my gym membership and I’d really like to go swimming more frequently.
  • I need to give up the chocolate which seems to have crept back into my daily diet.

I came across a fridge magnet today that i had scribbled a quote on a long time ago.

Do I want the hard of being overweight or of losing the weight? How about you?