The big reveal…..

I’m back after my little break. I needed to get something straight before I could re-devote myself to blogging and that has been hopefully resolved today.

Those who know me in real life may be unsurprised or not by this, and it is very unlike me to share personal details in such a public way. However, there is something which has been hugely affecting my eating of late which I haven’t discussed online. I have ummed and ahed about whether or not to put it out here in internet land, but I figured that my readers who know me in real life either already know or I would have no problem with them knowing. My anonymous internet readers, you have no idea who I am in real life and that is the beauty of this blog, that I can share my struggles and challenges in a supportive online community.

So….. Please G-d, I’m expecting!

Today we went for the 12 week scan and there was in fact a living heart beating being inside there! Hurrah! I had two miscarriages between R&M at this stage, so until we’d seen some proof that there was something alive in there, the possibility was that the exhaustion and nausea I’ve been feeling were for nothing. It is a huge relief. Of course, nothing is assured, but the first hurdle has been passed.

I’ve got more things buzzing round my head to consider now, like the very likely chance that I’ll have gestational diabetes again (I had with M&H), and concern that I not gain too much weight. Now that I know everything is ok so far, I’m going to get back to the gym on Wednesday and I’d like to be swimming twice a week. I need a new induction on the machines with someone pregnancy trained and there is also some kind of antenatal class at the gym I’d like to investigate as my Pilates instructor is not trained to work with ladies in my delicate condition.

I think I could waffle on endlessly at this stage now that the secrecy is lifted but this is probably enough for now!