Today was a mixed bag.

On the positive side I went to the gym and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill. As this was the first time back on it since before the summer holidays and also since I’m pregnant I was a but nervous whether I’d be able to do anything or if I’d have lost any ability to move and might faint or something. I had planned 5 minutes of walking to warn up and cool down and then 1 minute intervals of running and not to try and overdo it. I kept the speed lower than it was when I last went, my walking was about 4.5kmph and my “running” between 8-8.5kmph. not exactly sprinting! But I kept it up and was able to do it. I really like seeing myself in the mirror as I’m always surprised that I don’t actually look like a complete fool, but just another person in the machines (if one of the fattest).

Here’s a secret goal that I don’t know if I’ll achieve. What if after I pG give birth, I’d be lighter than at the start of the pregnancy? I’ve been trying to find success stories of others who’ve done just that, but I’m not managing to find many of them. If you know of any, please post in comments below.

But then my food was not great.

Breakfast was good – weetabix and almond milk and a banana

And then some cashews after the gym

And then when I got home I just vegged except if I’d eaten veg that would have been great. Instead I ate a whole bag cinnamon rice cakes (~500kcal) and then chocolate biscuits (~800kcal). I’m not even sure why.

I didn’t have any other lunch.

Then just before collecting the kids from school I bought myself a wrap which had chicken goujon in chili sauce.

I think I’m developing a bit of a wrap obsession. They are just exactly what I fancy eating. If I fill them with healthy stuff, then that’s ok.

For supper I made myself two more wraps with hummus and a chicken thigh between them.

No more rubbish food!!!! I need to hide or give away the rest of the junk. I have no willpower when I know it is there. I know I shouldn’t have bought it in the first place but I did and now it is in my kitchen ready and waiting.