Here’s my food diaries from the last few days. Numbers in brackets are my blood sugar levels. I’ve been trying to keep to the gestational diabetes guidelines, although I’ve not been tracking calories or carbohydrates as with the kitchen not fully unpacked I’ve not been able to weigh and measure anything. However, I’ve been very principled otherwise.

Friday 1/12


Breakfast-Shredded wheat and almond milk(6.3)

Snack-Strawberry yogurt

Lunch-Turkey, crackers, hummus, pickles(5.3)

Shabbos supper- Challah, chicken, carrots, onion, mushroom, courgette, potatoes (4.9)

Later snack-Seeds and dried fruit mix Since I wrote this on motzei Shabbos I’m wondering if I forgot something I ate, maybe a snack in the morning but I can’t remember.

Shabbos day 2/12/

(3.9) Kiddush/breakfast-Grape juice, shredded wheats, almond milk, one stick pineapple(8.0) – I had to have grape juice for kiddush but I guess the pineapple was too much. Next week I’ll do better.

Snack-Cottage cheese and cashews

Lunch out at friends-Matza, egg mayo, carrots, hummus, pickles. Chicken, salad with dressing, peanut sesame noodles(6.8) Sholosh A matza

A banana (5.7)

11.30pmMixed seeds and smoked chicken slices

Sunday 3/12

(4.3) 8.30 shredded wheats with cashew milk (7.2)

10am vanilla yogurt 11ish 2 slices red Leicester I’m hungry.

Lunch 1245ish sandwich – 2 slices granary bread, cream cheese, smoked salmon, pickles. Blueberries. (6.1)

Snack 4.30 banana Snack 6pm cashews, 3 prunes

Supper 7.30pm lasagne (5.7)