Last week at the Diabetic clinic, I got the thumbs up from the diabetic midwife and dietician on what I’ve been doing so far and also how much weight I’ve gained so far, so that’s really good.

I then got the confidence to see how far I could stretch the guidelines that I was given and my numbers kept being fine. So I stretched further and then they were creeping up and so I’m back here logging everything I eat. It’s just not worth the risk.

Porridge with almond milk and an apple

Later – carrots, banana

Lunch – white long roll with bought egg mayo and pickles. Peanuts.

Snack – banana,

Shabbos nighy

Sip of grape juice, white bought challah, chicken, potatoes, carrots.

Once I’d checked my numbers, a small piece of honey cake

Shabbos day

Breakfast – low sugar grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, pickles. Plain Greek yogurt with sweetener

Later – banana, peanuts

Lunch – challah, chicken, salad (corn, tomato, cucumber, pumpkin seeds) potato kugel.

Later- 3 small posh chocolates which were a seasonal gift for my husband from work. Yum. Mixed seeds

Melava malka – white bought challah roll with egg mayo and pickles

End of the story, everything is fine. But R fell out of his bed in the afternoon and after several hours of ice etc his knee was still in lots of pain. After Shabbos I took him to a&e and thankfully we were seen quickly and got back about 9pm. Doesn’t look like it’s fractured although they’ve referred him to the fracture clinic just in case. He’s got crutches to help him really the weight off it for the next few days, plus a tubigrip bandage.

I felt I deserved a couple more chocolates. Plus a few slices of cheese.