So I’m thinking of a new method to try and avoid eating the things that I shouldn’t be. I was given a box of very high quality chocolates and although I did share them with the family and only had 3 in total myself (oh they were good) I really have to stop eating things like chocolate and cake.

Any time there’s something on offer in the house that I shouldn’t be eating, I’m going to put it in the freezer for after May. This will hopefully give me two motivators:

1. I know it isn’t off limits forever, just until after birth, please G-d.

2. A growing bag of food which I know I’ve resisted will be an amazing visual aid as to the power of my willpower (which currently is feeling rather weak).

Also from tomorrow I’m going to try and get back to logging my food on here. There won’t necessarily always be commentary but I know that just writing it down, and publishing it to the world is helpful.

Also I’m going to get some new scales (old ones I think are broken from the move). I’ve not weighed myself since before we moved and I am rather concerned that I’ve gained a great deal.

Also I’m going to get back to the gym this week for a minimum of one class but hopefully up to three times. Otherwise it is very expensive for not going. If I don’t go to the gym, then I have to do 30 minutes of exercise at home or walking.

So to summarise:

  1. Resist rubbish and build up a frozen stash for after birth
  2. Log food on this blog daily
  3. Buy new scales
  4. Get moving again

Let’s do this! Mission anti podge to begin!