Middle of the night snack (approx 3am ) cheese

Breakfast – Porridge with unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and a plum

Snack – banana, 2 ryvita crunch

Went for a gentle swim for 10-15 minutes and then joined the 45 aqua aerobics class

Lunch – bagel with aubergine dip, egg mayo. Plain Greek yogurt with sweetener

Snack – pineapple.

Another snack – cheese

Supper – rice and veggie chilli

My friend A came over and we did two exercise videos off YouTube. “1 Mile happy walk – 15 mins of walking/low impact aerobics” followed by 5 mins standing abs exercises. Then longer of schmoozing, an excellent form of motivation.

Later – seconds. I wanted thirds too but have held back.

I have definitely exercised today!