When I had newborns I used to have a rule, “never tell anyone how well the night went”. Admittedly, my children have never been the best sleepers but invariably if they had a good night and I told anyone about it, the next night would be the night from hell. And if I thought it had been bad, if I told someone, it would then be even worse the next night.

So bearing that in mind, when I found that the appointment I had today ran early (20ish week scan, BH all seems to be fine so far) and I found myself with 2.5 hours unexpectedly to go home before pickup to sort myself out, make supper and generally catch my breath, why did I tell a friend I bumped into on the way home? I had just about taken my coat off, put down my bag and gone to the facilities when the phone rang to say that M wasn’t feeling well and I needed to go and collect her. Ho hum. Back I got in the car. But BH it had all run early because otherwise I’d have been in central London and wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

Thanks to my fabulous father for collecting the other two.

On a totally different note, I bought lunch to take with us to the appointment at Salatte on Golders Green Road. I’d like to recommend them. They have a fabulous salad selection, which is £4 for a small and £6 for a large. Really tasty, fresh, healthy and for Kosher food reasonably priced! (I’ve no idea how this compares to non kosher similar options, I think it’s not bad).

It’s in the parade of shops near Kosher Kingdom, and they also do sandwiches, soup and jacket potatoes. Highly recommended.

3am snack – cheese (this 3am snack helps to regulate my morning sugar levels and works really well)

Breakfast – Porridge with almond, a plum and cinnamon

Snack – a banana

Salmon nigiri

Lunch – stunning salad, quinoa, aubergine, sweet potato, baby corn, carrot, feta, corn, avocado, mushrooms. Yum yum yum.

Went to get M – banana

Snack – peanuts, dove farm cereal bar

Later – another cereal bar

I really wanted to eat rubbish but didn’t. Instead I sat in an armchair and had a little nap while she did too.

Supper – rice and veggie chilli

And that’s all folks