Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum and cinnamon

My fabulous father babysat M who was home feeling under the weather, so I could go to the ante/post natal class at the gym. I was so glad I went. It is lots of stretching and strengthening exercises which I know are doing me good. Having such wonderful support from my family is so so helpful and appreciated.

I’ve started myself a star chart for exercising this year. I’m sorry but I’ve forgotten who I got the idea from (if it was you, please comment below and I can credit you) but someone said they were aiming for 100 workouts in 2018. To qualify as a workout it needs to be at least 15 minutes of some form of exercise. I really like that goal, it is very achievable, so I’ve set myself up a little online star chart here. 3/100 so far.

Snack post gym – 5 osem crackers

Snack – banana, tomato flavoured peanuts

Lunch – 4 ryvita with tuna mayo and cheese. An orange

Later – Pineapple, cashews,

Kids supper time – Carrots, a few roast potatoes

Our supper time – stir fry – onion, courgette, pepper, ginger, beef