Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and a plum

Snack – plain Greek yogurt with sweetener. Salt and vinegar peanuts. A handful of raisins.

I had an appointment with the diabetic maternity consultant team today. They weren’t overly impressed with all my numbers but I’ve convinced them to give me another week before they pressure me more to start Metformin.

Lunch – pita with salmon and feta cheese. Carrots and hummus

Dive farm apple and oat bar

Stewed Apple, peanuts

I spent a long time trying to fix a pair of R’s trousers. Sewing is not my forte but the initial hole is now not a hole. The new hole I accidentally made trying to fix the initial hole is also not entirely a hole. I hope that noone looks closely. It’s all navy, maybe it isn’t so bad. But by the end of the experience it was nearly 9pm and I hadn’t eaten or made supper. Hangry hangry hangry. “I don’t care what, I just need to eat!” I growled at poor Lovely Husband. Except I turned down peanuts because I’d eaten too many already today. Turkey sausages and ketchup I didn’t turn down.

Ate all but four.

Felt much better. That’s all folks.