For the first time, R is spending a Shabbos away as his school have a Shabbaton and he’s staying overnight with a friend who lives near school. To say I am nervous is a major understatement. However, despite the queasy feeling in my stomach all day, I’ve not tried to fill that feeling with food.

Breakfast – Porridge with almond milk and peanut butter. – I was really hungry after this but didn’t have time for anything else

Snack – stewed apple, cottage cheese, trail mix

Lunch – Marmite and margarine sandwich

Supper plan – challah, potatoes, chicken stroganoff (love this recipe, which I only slightly adapt, leaving out the yogurt, oh and I didn’t have lemon so I used orange)

Tomorrow Shabbos plan:

Breakfast – light grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, pickles, plain Greek yogurt with sweetener

Lunch – out at friends (to be reported after the fact)

Good Shabbos all