It’s been a while. Sometimes there is such a lot going on that there’s not time to breathe, let alone take the daily time to reflect and blog on my attempts at healthy eating/weight loss/exercise thang.

Right now, I’m sitting in a quiet house in the Peak District. The children are all asleep, Lovely Husband is learning mishnayos and I am relaxing. I thought I aught to check in on my blog, just in case there are still any followers out there who actually read this stuff, but also to touch base with myself. As I’ve probably said before, this is primarily my reason for blogging.

So what’s been happening and where am I up to?

In no particular order, one of my children (you know who) has been had been having a really difficult time at school. Without going into the details, my child with special needs had had an unexpected (for all of us) staffing change and this did not impact week in their behaviour and emotional state for the last few weeks.

Plus, our lovely new house needs rewiring and new boiler and new kitchen and new flooring. I’ve been trying to arrange all the logistics of all these different things, which are a big brocha too need but very time consuming and difficult.

Plus I’m about six months pregnant now. The gestational diabetes is mostly being ok. I’ve taking Metformin twice a day, and with that, I’m being able to eat fairly normally including some snacks that the diabetes team wouldn’t approve of, but if my numbers are under control then I’m not going to let on.

Last time I weighed myself, which was some time last week, I weighed 14st6lbs. This is obviously quite a gain from my lowest of 12st11lbs. Nearly 2 stone. But this with has been fairly stable for a few weeks. If I can try and keep it stable-ish, then please G-d I won’t be as heavy as I was post R, M and H when I was about 15st3lbs each time.

The kitchen in my new house has not been fully functional since we moved in at the end of November. This means I’ve not had an oven or a proper hob. I’ve had two microwaves, the milky one being also a little oven and a two ring plug in electric hob. Also only one sink. It’s been a challenge in terms of preparing healthy meals. I’ve focused more on trying to keep my blood sugar levels at the right levels rather than thinking about calories, because there’s only so much I can deal with at once.

This week is half term and the new boiler is being fitted so we’ve gone away for a few days to the Peak District which is beautiful, if little on the rainy side. But it is England in February! I didn’t expect anything different. On Friday we’ll return to London but nice into my parents’ house while the rest of the rewire/refloor)/rekitchen takes place

So there’s been a lot going on, quite a bit fairly stressful, and certainly time consuming.

I’m not sure what my goals or plan forward should be. I don’t think I can handle daily for diaries right now.

But look at this gorgeous view.

This is the view outside my front door.