Am I fitter this pregnancy than in previous ones? I’m not sure. I guess I must be, but I sure as anything feel less fit than I did before this pregnancy began!

On Tuesday (13th) and yesterday (14th) we went on some cavern tours. The weather has been very wet in our holiday in the Peak District so far and these were obviously inside attractions that seemed like a good idea. The ones on Tuesday at Heights of Abraham were unexpectedly physically strenuous. From the description on the website it sounded like you took a cable car up a hill/mountain (which we did) and then the entrances to the caverns were right there.

They weren’t. The first one was a quite difficult walk down the hill on large uneven steps or a steep slope.

And then obviously back up again. We did the steps down and the slope up. On the way up I had to stop several times to catch my breath. I could blame it on the wellies I had on (somehow on the wrong feet), being six months pregnant, the fairly heavy rain or I could accept that I’m just not that fit and it is something to work on. The top cave also involved loads of steps going down and up. The fact that the tour guide was also a little out of breathe at the end was also encouraging!

It was very interesting learning about the history of mining in the area. I made a mistake though and thought the cave contained stalagmites and stalactites. I also mistimed it all and thought we’d be finished in time to get back to the house for lunch. Even though the weather was poor we actually stayed there over 3 hours and lunch was eventually eaten at about 3.30pm! All part of the holiday experience! But the day definitely counted as star on my chart.

After much research we decided on going to Treak Cliff Cavern on Wednesday which we were almost certain did contain stalagmites and stalactites, as well as a rare gemstone called Blue John (which made R very happy). It was a beautiful drive there, and I commend Lovely Husband on driving through fairly heavy snow falling.

But check out the views.

We definitely weren’t in Edgware any more! Or as my London born and bred children kept saying, “this doesn’t look like England”, and we tried to educate them that in fact this is what lots of England looks like and living in an enormous city like London is actually not the norm for a vast majority of the country.

The tour guide was excellent and again, there was a fair amount of stair climbing involved in both to getting to and then doing the tour. Another star for the chart! Having brought along lots of food this time, and there bring “proper snow” to play in, it was a great day. Maybe one day I’ll come back and climb one of these hills/mountains properly. Would need to do some preparatory work first! My thighs and calves this morning are definitely feeling like they’ve been working hard!!

Breakfast – 2 Weetabix with almond milk. Plain yogurt with sweetener

Lunch – egg mayo and pickle sandwich, carrots, a few slices double Gloucester cheese

Snack – lemon nakd bar, small bag kettle chips

Snack – banana

Supper – salmon, couscous, carrots

Snack – 2 toffee yogurts, salted peanuts

Middle of the night snack – banana, cheese