“Life is what happens when you are planning what to do.”

I’m currently sitting in soft play while the children run around. And so I have a few minutes to check in with my blog. Things have just not stopped since I last posted. I spent the Sunday to Tuesday before Pesach in Barnet hospital. I had the steroid injections on the Sunday (which for reference purposes really sting like billy-o!) Then had to wait until my blood sugar stabilised, while there I was in four different beds, and was repeatedly stabbed trying to get cannulas in (I have “difficult” veins). But then my blood sugars did stabilise and they sent me home.

Then I spent Wednesday morning being billed into Northwick Park hospital which is much closer to my parents house (which is where we are staying for the next week knows how long, certainly until after I give birth).

Then cooking cooking for pesach, then it was Pesach itself which was actually very lovely. Very late nights for the sedarim but that’s to be expected.

The last week has been a bit of a blur of meals, cooking, hospital appointments.

Interestingly I weighed myself and I think I may have pretty much maintained my weight since January. That’s not bad considering! It could be inaccurate though because different scales etc but it could be worse.

At my last doctor appointment the doctor told me I should take a twenty minute walk each evening. That’s such a great idea but is just not always practical. Oh, yes, poor Liffey Husband has a chest infection. He spent Tuesday (chol hamoed) night in A&E mostly waiting to be seen, but has been pretty knocked out with it. He’s getting better but isn’t fully improved.

My parents have been doing so much for us. We are out while they change their house back and although I did most of the catering for Pesach, between them and LH I have barely washed up single dish, which has been wonderful.

Meals have been kept fairly simple, with a protein, potato and vegetable dish for each meal, no starters, limited desserts primarily due to lack of time! I did do a little baking though, and have tried to limit my consumption by haven’t totally restrained myself.

I’m not quite sure what else to report. About a month or so left of this pregnancy please G-d, kids back to school on Tuesday, house dragging out. I’m trying to just let go of any idea that I have any control over any of this stuff and go with the flow. What other option do I really have?