I am in a grump.

I thought today everyone would be back at school and I would finally get a chance to run errands, get a bit sorted, have a minute to myself.

Instead H has come out with what look like chicken pox. Fortunately (?) Lovely Husband was still not feeling 100% from recovering from his chest infection and had already decided he wasn’t going to work today, so I left the two of them together while I went off to yet another hospital appointment (BH everything is fine but it took all morning and only got back at 1pm).

After spending some time with a very perky but increasingly spotty and hot H I then was also able to leave him with LH to get the others for collecting from school. On the way to get them I quickly ran into a shop to buy milk. Chocolate somehow found its way onto my trolley also and then into my mouth. It totally didn’t help and just made me feel tired. If only there was something healthy with the texture of nougat/caramel eg. Mars/Snickers.

It Just. Never. Stops.

All minor inconveniences but I feel like I’ve had a constant run of them and I have a backlog of dealing with things that I’m just not getting round to. I feel so useless and like everyone else is so busy and exhausted from Pesach and I’ve been doing nothing. Nothing nothing nothing. And now I’m stuck with another week until the pox pass. What next?!


Sorry for whining. I know I have it so good in so many ways. I’m not good at not doing things.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and cinnamon. Plain yogurt with sweetener

Snack at hospital – banana, small bag salted kettle chips

Lunch – sandwich – wholemeal bread, tuna mayo, pickles, tomato, red Leicester

Snack – a few bamba, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

Snack – potato

Supper – salmon, plain yogurt with sweetener, stewed apple, potato