On Thursday night, despite efforts to be in bed asleep by 11, Y had other ideas. As a result I was very tired and snoozed my alarm several times. I still had R off school and shabbos to prep

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum

Snacks (testing cooking) – potato, sweet potato, savoury keto friendly butternut squash kugglette, beef,

Lunch – leftover turkey keema, carrot and hummus

Friday night

Matza, rice and beef with onions, a few sweets

In bed so early! Love winter early shabbos

Nighttime snack – toffee yoghurt

Shabbos day:

Breakfast – grape juice, matza, cottage cheese, avocado

Snack – air crackers

Lunch – challah (wholemeal home made), chicken soup (onion, carrot, chicken), chicken thigh, broccoli kugel, butternut kugglette X2, halo top ice cream (omg!!) Chocolate (yum), peanut butter(very yum), caramel pecan (meh), a few gummy bears

More air crackers – they are my secret weapon right now!

2 chocolate rice cakes

Far far too late supper – chicken thigh and leg.

I feel like I was actually very controlled over shabbos. I also went for a couple of short walks taking M to her youth group and collecting her.

After shabbos I went to IKEA and Sainsbury’s and now it is really very late (12.30am) and I must go to sleep