A few years ago I went to a fitness class given by Ace Fitness. As I wrote here at the time, it was a mortifying experience as it was lots of up and down and I felt dizzy and sick and I nearly passed out. It was just too hard for me at the time and I never went back, instead found other options I enjoyed more.

I’ve still been on their mailing list though and I knew they had a class called “Baby Ace” which you could bring your baby to. I wasn’t sure if the babies joined in or they were just tolerated, but I emailed them last week to find out more and inadvertently essentially committed myself to going. I even put it in the diary.

It was great! I told the instructor Charlotte (who I see from my last post was the same one) about my experience last time, so she made sure to differentiate any moves that night have made me dizzy

The class was held in the instructor’s beautiful home and there were four of us there. It was a mix of strength training and cardio with timed on and off intervals. It was a good hard though, although my legs have not felt the same all day! Bit on the shaky side after all those lunges and squats! It was so good to get moving again. Y crawled around the whole time, having a lovely time, occasionally climbing on me or someone else and that was absolutely fine. Someone else’s daughter came to stroke the back of my leg when I was doing some move or the other also. I really hope to go regularly.

I feel like I haven’t done any proper “huffy puffy” exercise since I became pregnant really, and as I was doing it today I remembered how good it feels and how much I enjoy it.

I feel like I’m back.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum

Baby ace – hour of cardio and strengthening exercises

Lunch -(made my sandwich in the morning so it was waiting for me with no further effort at lunch) tuna and cucumber sandwich, mini sprite can, I feel like I had something else but I can’t remember if I did.

Snack – toffee yoghurt and plain yoghurt (Y’s leftovers)

Snack (in car on way to school) – air crackers

At school – Clementine

Snack (once home from school run) 3 or 4 boiled eggs

Supper – burgers (0.5lb mince beef, egg, onions) with pickles and ketchup