Everyone was really tired this morning, and I didn’t do the happy walk that I thought I might because I was also tired and then ended up giving R a lift to the bus stop. I told myself I’d put Y in the buggy once everyone else had gone and he’d had breakfast and we’d run errands. Didn’t quite go to plan as he gave a massive yawn after breakfast and so I put him in his cot where he helpfully had a really long sleep! So lots of housework got done instead which was definitely a good thing for shalom bayis (a peaceful home).

My legs have been insanely sore all day (I believe they are called the quadriceps), going up or down stairs, even walking, I’ve felt each step. I plan to do some good stretching before bed. Thanks to Charlotte for this link, the top result looks very informative and just what I need.

The benefit of this pain though was that when I was upstairs all morning tidying and doing laundry, the level of discomfort I knew that going down to the kitchen would involve put me off and snacking. By the time Y woke up and it was lunchtime, my stomach had been loudly grumbling!

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum

Snack – a few peanuts I found upstairs

Lunch – a few kettle chips (the open bag had foolishly been left on the table), a sandwich with lots of smoked salmon and a few crisps, a taste of cream cheese, less than a quarter tub of halo top peanut butter ice cream (be still my heart).

Snack – actually. I don’t think I actually had a snack! What I did do though was get to school a little early and forced myself to slowly walk to and from the shops. I needed to buy balloons. They are an essential item in our lives. Milk ✔️ bread ✔️ balloons 😮 quick, to the shops! So despite my legs hurting, I thought a gentle walk pushing the buggy would be good for them, I was walking for around 25 mins probably.

Lack of snacks though hence again, stomach rumbling!! Maybe I had an egg at some point. I don’t remember.

Supper- awesome soup (not even a recipe – bag of frozen sliced carrots, generous amount of red lentils, parev chicken soup mix, cooked in the slow cooker then blended) 2 big mugfuls (and yes, it is not my mug!!) and 2 clementines and 2 paramols (paracetamol and codeine – seriously my legs really hurt!!)

I’ve been working really hard to go to bed early. It’s not been easy and has been closer to 11 often than 10. I can feel the difference when I get into bed earlier and given that it is only 9.15pm now, and I’ve got a few things to finish up but then I can hopefully crash, 10pm is looking possible.

Updated:10.52pm Y wanted a chat and a bottle, a combination of the stretches and codeine (but I definitely felt an immediate response to the stretches) have really reduced the leg pain. Moral of the story – stretch if you feel muscle tightness/strain/pain. If I’d realised how little time it takes and how quickly it helps, I’d have done it much sooner instead of hobbling around all day.

Hello to my new followers and readers, welcome. Thank you for all your likes and comments. They really help me to feel accountable for my actions.