In an attempt to create a side dish that would be ok for my Lovely Husband who is on keto, I created this experiment. He then revealed to me that he’d rather not have almonds (even though I’d seen them in loads of keto recipes) but did have one to humour me. R also had one.

The general consensus was that they were nice, although nothing outstanding! (I know, I’m really selling them!!) Basically they were quite bland, but a nice texture, and not unpleasant. Perhaps they could be improved with seasonings and herb additions. Anyone who tries them or wanted to make suggestions, please pop it in the suggestions below.

They reheated very nicely.

Made 9 kugglettes. Per serving – 111kcal, 9.9g carbs, 7.2g fat, 3.5g protein


500g frozen butternut squash

1 egg

100g ground almonds

100g flaxseed

1 tspn baking powder

1 tblspn olive oil


Microwave for 15 minutes frozen butternut squash. Mash.

Add all remaining ingredients and mix together.

Spray silicon muffin trays with oil and fill with mixture (it doesn’t rise)

Cook at 190°C until firm all the way through (approx 25 minutes).