I weighed myself and I seemed to have gained. Hmmm. Great.


Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum

Went for a walk to local shops ~30 mins in total. Not high speed

Snack – Weetabix with almond milk

Lunch – sweet potato with cottage cheese and pickles. Some chocolate chips and raisins. Banana.

Now here’s the problem, I didn’t write it down straight away and now it is the next day and I can’t remember totally. I know I didn’t go off the rails. But it’s just too long ago to fully remember.

Snacks – egg? Definitely a veggie sausage and a bit of pasta at kids bedtime. Air crackers?

Supper – courgette in soy sauce with veggie mince, Passata sauce on top, a small sprinkling of grated cheese.