Thank G-d last night was much better. I was just so much more conscious today. Thoughts are swirling in my head about the differences or lack thereof of weaning a bottle fed baby Vs a breastfed one, as Y is my first to be bottle fed. But honestly, I need to just sign off for the night.

Breakfast – porridge with apple, plum, almond milk and cinnamon

Snack – delicious but failed caramel shortbread (in preparation for having people over on motzei shabbos – Saturday night), banana

Lunch – pasta with baked beans and cheese, tuna patty

Snacks – air crackers.

Kids supper noshing – a few chips

Supper – tuna patties and green beans. A microwaved apple with a small sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Could do better but could do worse. And logging at all is still working in the right direction.