When we’re through with January I’ll have more difficulty keeping up with what day I’m on.

The reason there was radio silence was that the end of last week was insanely hectic. Wednesday H&M were both off school due to drainage problems at their school, simultaneously R was having a hard time at school and was sent home for the afternoon and was also home on Thursday. On Friday morning we had to take him back to school and have a meeting with the school before he rejoined lessons. The meeting finished at 11am. By the time I got home and started cooking for shabbos it was 12.30pm (with a 4.09pm deadline for candlelighting).

After shabbos (which was lovely actually), together with a friend, I was hosting 15 ladies for a supper quiz in my home in aid of H&M’s school PTA. It was a lot of fun and all came together, but certainly no time to blog or give my food huge amounts of thought. Oh, and Y has been waking up at times he wasn’t before, just to throw some extra tiredness into the mix!

Today, I have started logging yet again on myfitnesspal. My aim is 3x400kcal meals and 400kcal snacks per day.

As of now, I’ve kept to it! (Hey it’s 11.37am already, that’s an achievement!!) Full diary to be posted later.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk (I’m increasing my quantity of oats and milk from 35g to 50g and 140ml to 180ml and see if that fills me up more, the calorie difference is minimal)

Snack – cocoa orange nakd bar

Continuation of breakfast – an avocado

In the slow cooker right now I have some garlicy buttery mushrooms cooking, filling my house with the most incredible smell. And if I eat the whole lot it will only be 250kcal, so I’m gonna think what to have it with/on which will make it more of a meal but still stay under 400kcal. Watch this space.