After university I spent a year at Shearim College of Jewish Studies for Women, in Jerusalem expanding my Jewish knowledge and study skills as I didn’t grow up religious and had a lot to learn.

Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov is the founder and director of Shearim and every year she travels to the UK recruiting and fundraising. I was fortunate to attend a shiur (class) she gave yesterday and then speak with her afterwards. I’d like to share with you a little bit of what she spoke about which I think I’d relevant to weight loss and generally making changes in one’s life. Any errors are mine.
It’s not all or nothing

A flash of greatness is still greatness. If you can do a little, do a little.

Sometimes we think that if we can’t do an enormous task, and do it perfectly, then it isn’t worth doing a small one. That’s simply not true. So I can’t do an hour of zumba and an hour of weight training each day, plan my meals a month in advance and get into bed on time each night. But I can do some movement as often as possible, try and think about the meal or snack happening right now, or have one less piece of whatever.

Grab a little greatness. A little lightning is still lightning and still lights up the sky.

Take those opportunities to do something towards your goal, no matter how small.

If you do it today and don’t do it tomorrow it doesn’t take away from today’s greatness

So I might have had a really healthy meal and then eaten biscuits. But the biscuits don’t cancel out the fact that I ate the healthy meal, or did some exercise. Even if the calories cancel each other out, what I did was still valuable and worthwhile and still moves me towards my goal.

It may not change the world but it changes you. That flash of greatness tomorrow will be easier.

If something seems too big for you do a little. And if it seems too little, do a little anyway. It is worth it, it will make a difference in the end.

There was more I wanted to share, but I am still trying to get to bed on time.

Today I stayed in my calories (1396kcal) and even started the day with 15 minutes of exercise

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and blueberries

Lunch – salmon cakes with kohlrabi in a little butter,

Half a banana (Y’s rejects)

3 air crackers

Kid’s supper time – a meatball, half to a whole veggie burger

Supper – purreed cauliflower, 4 meatballs, ketchup