Yesterday i logged all my food. Enjoyed a delicious lasagna from the freezer. Calories 1709kcal.

Breakfast – I decided to try not having porridge. I know. Scandalous. 3 scrambled eggs in 11g butter and 20g mozzarella on the top. Stunning. And filling.

Lunch – lasagna

Snacks – air crackers, banana, rice (at kids’supper time)

Supper – sausages and mashed cauliflower and ketchup


Breakfast – Weetabix and almond milk, half a banana

While cooking for shabbos -a carrot, some sweet potato, kohlrabi, cake mixture, one chocolate courgette cake (you know I’m trying when courgette cake is on the menu).

Lunch – other half of lasagna

Shabbos plan

Tonight – matza,1 chicken thigh, lots of onions and carrots. A cupcake


Breakfast – grape juice, matza, cottage cheese. Yoghurt

Lunch – matza, chicken thigh or two chicken legs, kohlrabi, sweet potato, half a shnitzel. Cupcake