Post if I want to. Post if I want to. You would post too if you felt like it too.

There the nice thing about a blog for fun. It’s not supposed to be a pressure. Unlike real life. Online you can paint whatever picture you want of your life. If I posted a picture of a super healthy meal, say this one: you’d never know if I turn had other stuff too.

At the moment re weight loss I’m not focusing on it wholeheartedly and am also not losing the plot. But not losing weight. But then again, I’m also not really gaining weight. My weight has stayed pretty much constant for about six months. Even though it is way too high, it is actually constant within a 4lb margin.

As I realised that, I’ve the last few days I’m stopping beating myself up when I don’t do the right thing, because clearly I’m treading water enough to not make things worse, even when my eating habits leave a lot to be desired. Or perhaps more accurate to say they don’t leave a lot left to be desired!