I was informed by a friend that some posts had appeared on my blog. Seems like for some reason don’t things that were drafts got posted by themselves. Oops.

But maybe it is good, because I need to get back on track and by writing down on this blog was how I managed to get into a good place before. Right now I’m not in a good place with my weight at all. I’ve gained everything I lost. I’m not exercising. I’m struggling to make this a priority. My back hurts, photos are not my friends. R’s school situation is pretty dire. He’s been out of school now for a month as we took him out of the school he was in but don’t have an alternative at the moment. Y is now a year old, running, climbing, in everything and not giving me a moment to do anything.

If I sit in the same room as him, playing on my phone, he’ll play with the toys happily for ages. The second I move to try and do something else, he’ll either be beside himself or do something dangerous or destructive. I’m really not cut out for this.

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs

Snack – half a huge banana

Lunch – leftover shabbos salad (cucumber, tomato, avocado, corn, pomegranate) with salmon mayo

Snack – Apple rings

Later snack – chicken stomachs

In a group of mummies today. All talking about shopping for clothes. Which I hate anyway. Then one said, “oh I tried on a 10 and it was like a tent.”
I already felt like, I really have nothing to join in here.

9.20pm while filling in a Sen related form 4, possibly 5 chocolate oaties.

9.40 cheese ravioli

Most of the day’s food was good and healthy. And then it unravelled. Or unraviolied! Oh dear. I must be tired to make such a terrible joke!

It’s all unraviolied!