Slimming B'Simcha!

Finding the joy in losing weight

About me

I’ve been amazed that people I don’t know in real life have been reading, following, and liking my blog. Thank you! But as such, I realise I need one of these “About Me” pages.

So, I’m 35 years old, living in London, a religious Jew, wife to Lovely Husband, mother to four children, R (boy aged 11), M (girl aged 8) H (boy aged 5) and baby Y (born May 2018). I am currently a full time mother, although that may well change at some point.

I’ve been overweight (obese if we’re being technical about it) since I was a child. I’m also not especially tall, just over 5′. I need to lose about 6-7 stone to get to a healthy weight. I’ve tried various attempts to lose the weight and I’m hoping that this will be my last attempt as I am making real lifestyle changes which are hopefully sustainable.

I don’t use any other forms of social media due to concerns over privacy and so in line with that, I don’t plan to share any photos of my family or their real names. Maybe when I’ve lost loads of weight I might put a before and after picture of me but let’s get there first.

Having said that, the whole point of me writing this blog is to get additional support from others who are in the same boat, and to build that online support group. So if you feel that you’d like to connect and support each other, please do write in the comments below, click the follow button or pop your email address in the subscribe box to keep in touch. I really appreciate all the comments and I’m here to build a support group of like minded people.

To achieve this goal is going to be very tough, but I do want to get there and I’d be pleased to help others get there to.

To explain the title of the blog. My name is Simcha, which means happiness and joy in Hebrew. It is the type of joy you feel when you know you are doing the right thing, even if it’s hard. You aren’t necessarily singing, laughing and dancing down the street but you have an internal happiness. So this blog is about losing weight in an enjoyable and happy way.

I’ve followed Slimming World on and off for over 15 years before finally deciding it wasn’t the way forward for me. Along the way to calorie counting with the MyFitnessPal app, I’ve also tried intuitive eating.

As well as keeping kosher and all the restrictions associated with those religious requirements, I am allergic to various fresh fruits including apples, pears, strawberries, and stoned fruits like apricots, hence you won’t see a great deal of fruit in my life. It’s a case of preferring to be able to breathe than chomp on an apple. I know, seems rather petty, doesn’t it?

Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your support, I really appreciate every comment and like, they are what are keeping me motivated.


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